: Nuno Vicente

Nuno Vicente was born in Chartres (France) in 1981. He graduated in Painting at 2004 nd finishes his second degree in Visual Arts in 2006 at the school of Fine Arts of Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). He has done one-year residency in the Antonio Duarte Museum’s and came to Berlin to do a program residency for culturia and 3 months residency for Hotel 25.

“I feel more close to the conception of traditional sculpture (…) there the shape is changing into another form. Due to the relation of the artist with matter, the immaterial thoughts and feelings are transferred through the matter inside the receptor and become immaterial again (…) it is for me a logic explanation not to give special attention to the medium and give more importance to the content.

Nuno Vicente Artwork

Washing your eyes in front of a mirror

During 60 days the artist has initiated a process where he took one passport picture per day. On the end of the day, each picture were putted inside a snow globe filled with water.

Some days after, inside water.

Washing your eyes in front of a mirror

Action with photoautomat picture inside water

Duration variable. Berlin 2010/2011

Courtesy and © Nuno Vicente